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Thinking of Changing Accountant?

The relationship between the account and the client can be a trusted close relationship. Where the accountant provides a good quality service this relationship is often similar to that of a family member. But unfortunately where the accountant does not provide a good quality service he/she becomes more like a dependent relative.

If you are not happy with the services being provided by your current accountant or if you have lost confidence in the quality of your current accountant’s work then it’s time you made a change. It is not difficult to make this change and in fact it can be done without you even having to contact the accountant. The procedure can be carried out in three very simple steps as follows:-

  1. Contact us to arrange a free of charge consultation to discuss your current requirements. We will discuss any issues or concerns you may have and recommend our resolutions to these issues.
  2. In order for us to request a copy of your accounting and tax records from your current accountant we need your permission in writing. By signing an authorisation letter you can grant us this permission.
  3. We will then write to your current accountant informing them of your intention to change accountants. We will also request a copy of your accounting and tax records from your current accountant. We will then issue you with a Letter of Engagement setting out the details of the services we intend to provide to you and the terms and conditions of our engagement.