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Taxation can be quite a complex area and some people tend to leave taxation issues until the last minute and may end up paying more tax than they should as a result. They may also be subject to interest and penalties on this tax.

Our tax specialists assist businesses in understanding their tax obligations and advise them of all current tax concessions available to them. This means they do not have the headache of insuring that they are compliant with the ever changing regulations of the taxation system.

Income Tax Returns

We prepare and file income tax returns for:

  • Individuals who run their business as a Sole Trader e.g. shop owners, doctors, building contractors and solicitors.
  • PAYE workers who are in receipt of rental income.
  • PAYE workers who receive shares or share options from their employment.

We act as tax agent for our clients and deal with all queries directed to them by the Revenue Commissioners. We ensure that all clients’ annual income tax returns are filed by the tax deadline.

Corporation Tax Returns

We prepare and file corporation tax returns for companies. We work the client through the year to insure that their company is tax compliant. We also ensure that it avails of tax concessions currently available so that it operates the business in the most tax efficient manner.

VAT Returns

We prepare and file VAT returns on bimonthly/quarterly and annual basis. Our staff ensures that all trading details are properly classified in all VAT returns. Items such as imports from and exports to VAT registered businesses in other E.U. Member States must be properly classified and declared in VAT returns.

We prepare year end VAT trading returns summarising trading details of the business for the year.

We also prepare INTRASTAT and VIES returns for businesses who are obliged to file such returns.

PAYE (P30 & P35) Returns

We prepare and file monthly and quarterly P30 tax returns for businesses that operate a payroll system. These tax returns identify the amounts of PAYE, PRSI and USC which the business must pay to the Collector-General.

We also prepare annual P35 returns and issue P60 forms for the business’s employees.

Tax Audits

Notification by the Revenue Commissioners of an upcoming tax audit is not a pleasant experience for the recipient. The daunting idea of preparing for this audit can be horrific enough let alone the thought of facing a Tax Inspector whilst attending at and dealing with this audit. At Aardvark Accountancy Services, our clients are free from such concerns because we take all of their relevant business books and records and fully prepare same for the tax audit. Further we prepare the client for the audit in advance of same.

We attend for the full duration of the tax audit and are the point of contact for all queries by the tax officials carrying out the audit. We insist that the tax audit is held in our offices and that the client only attend for interview (assisted by our staff) for a minimum period of time (usually 30 to 45 minutes). All queries raised by the Revenue official are promptly dealt with by us. Due to the fact that our staff has fully prepared the clients business for the audit, this normally means that there is no additional tax, interest or penalties to be paid.

Tax Planning and Advice

We provide tax planning and advice to assist businesses in planning their business strategy. This allows the business to avail of all tax concessions currently available to it. It also protects the business from making potentially expensive mistakes through inadvertently making payments to employees etc. which are not tax compliant.

A business can provide for any additional taxes which it will be liable for due to its current business transactions e.g. staff bonus payments etc. We assist businesses when preparing budgets and cash flow projections for the coming fiscal year. By advising on the most tax efficient trading activity route available to the business we assist it in formulating tax efficient and prudent business planning.

Our tax planning and advice also provides an early safeguard for the business, by ensuring tax compliance, should it subsequently be subject to a tax audit.