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Auditing, Company Law & Regulations

  • Your company must have its annual Financial Statements audited if it exceeds certain criteria which is determined by Company Law.
  • Your company may decide to opt to have its annual accounts audited as a means of ensuring its compliance with regulations and detect fraud or errors.
  • Your company may be obliged to have its annual accounts audited in order to comply with loan or financing.

Statutory Audits

The purpose of a statutory audit is to determine whether a business is providing a true and fair representation of its financial position in its financial statements. This is achieved by examining the business’s books, records and other relevant documentation. In addition to providing the business assurance required of a statutory audit we aim to identify and report on the strengths & weaknesses company’s business and accounting system.

Our audit work will ensure the following:

  • Compliance with regulations – we can ensure your company is complying with all the latest regulations.
  • Advice on controls and processing system weaknesses.  We can outline what those weaknesses are and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Independent review of externally reported information.
  • Detect fraud being perpetrated by employees or management.